What kind of services can I get from Roof?

ROOF offers Architectural and Interior Design services, completing this offer with a showroom open to the public and an online store that allows the customer to purchase individual products. Click here for more information.


How can I ask for a ROOF project or consultancy?

ROOF favors direct contact with customers, whether in person in the studio or by digital means.

A briefing is scheduled in which all issues and working methods related to a project are clarified, fee rates are agreed on the nature and complexity of each project and deadlines for the delivery of each stage are established. At the beginning of the creative phase, the client must provide all the technical elements necessary to the ROOF team for the development of the project - plans, photos, moodboards or references.

All project requests will be briefly answered with the initial clarifications when submited to chiado@roof.pt


Do I need to have an empty space to request a ROOF project?

No. ROOF creates a project starting either with a blank canvas or considering previous elements that the customer may want to keep in the new intervention.


Where are your custom products made?

All our customizable products are made in Portugal. Our country, amongst other things, is well known for its quality and tradition in craftsmanship. We source raw materials, components and knowledge locally as frequently as possible. A small portion of our materials are sourced internationally with the same quality standards in mind.


I need an estimate or more information about a product. Who should I contact?

Our Sales team is available to answer any product inquiries you may have and prepare an estimate for you. E-mail chiado@roof.pt regarding your request. You will be contacted briefly after.


I like your online products but the available options don’t fit my preferences. How can I know if something is available in different sizes, colours or other features?

Besides the online products ROOF has curated to make available in the website, many of those products are custom made or available in different features. If you have any question related to the online shop products, please send your requests to chiado@roof.pt and we’ll get back to you soon.


Do you only sell the products and brands available in the online shop?

No. ROOF shows a great selection of creative and modern products via the website, but we work with a wide range of national and international solutions. If you’re looking for something you can’t find online, send us you request to chiado@roof.pt and we’re glad to provide you with more available options.


I want to place an order. How can I do it?

Please send us an e-mail to chiado@roof.pt with your request and you will be contacted by our sales team soon after.


Which are the payment terms?

Proforma invoice orders will require a 50% advance deposit to begin production and the balance prior to informed delivery date.

Payment must be made in the showroom or by account transfer (in Euro €) and a confirmation of the transfer (with receipt) must be sent by e-mail to your sales contact or to chiado@roof.pt. Proformas should be signed by the client as a form of approval of the described content.

All pieces are a property of ROOF Design Studio until payment in full is received. ROOF reserves the right to delay the dispatch date until the balance of the order is received.


Please check our full Terms and Conditions guide here for more informations.


Return Policy

Because ROOF offers unique and differentiated solutions, produced according to the individual preferences of the customer, we are not able to offer returns.


Do you offer customizations of your products?

Yes, we offer customization services for most of our products. E-mail chiado@roof.pt for more information.


I'd like to place an order but the lead time is too long. What can I do?

If the listed lead time doesn't work for your schedule, please contact us before placing an order to discuss timing. We are happy to accommodate requests when we can, and while it is possible to speed up production on a case-by-case basis, this typically requires a rush fee based on the materials required and the timeframe.


Can I change or amend the invoice provided?

Alterations are allowed in the proforma before the order confirmation (before advance payment). After we begin production (after the payment), alterations are not allowed.


Do you provide upholstery foam with fire retardant treatment?

Yes, we can provide foam with fire retardant treatment (certified). Please inform our sales team of the requirements of your project.


If I change materials will there be a surcharge?

It depends on what material you are choosing. To be sure, please, consult your sales contact at chiado@roof.pt


Do you provide installation on site?

We install products purchased from ROOF. This service must be requested when order is placed and each quotation is analyzed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the item, the complexity and the estimated time for each installation.

Please check all information about deliveries in our Terms and Conditions/Delivery Policy.


Do you provide installation instructions?

If you need assembly assistance, please feel free to contact our sales team.


When does the production of my order starts?

The production process starts after you received the invoice and proceed with the 50% advance payment required. Also, the client's approval of all data and features of the products mentioned in the proforma must be clear and indisputable.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to most countries around the world directly from Lisbon. A Shipment Details Form can be downloaded here and will also be provided by your Account Manager when placing an order with ROOF. Without sending this form to your Account Manager there will be no transport quotes given or transport arranged. Please contact us for more informations regarding the shipping of your products or check our Selling Terms and Conditions for more informations regarding our transport policies.


What is the difference between “order date” and “shipping date”?

Order date - When we confirm the transfer receipt in our account.

Shipping date - The transit time to ship the merchandise from the day the goods leaves our facilities until the delivery address.


What happens to my order if I’m not present at the address when it arrives?

All shippings are reported to the client once the products leave our warehouse. After that, the shipping company will contact you to schedule the day of the delivery.


Do you have a Privacy Policy?

As we are committed to ensuring that our client’s privacy is protected, we do keep a Privacy Policy which you can access by clicking here.


Where are your terms and conditions?

Please visit the Terms & Conditions page here.

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